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Stuff and things 2/17!!!

Memoryhouse The Slideshow Effect-Relaxing at best, painfully boring at worst. Give it a shot at least if you’re playing slow songs anyway. Genre: Beach House Tribute band

We Were Pirates Change-Fairly catchy distorted guitar-driven indie pop.

The D.A. You Kids!- A lot of you will be stoked on this. Dance-y and fun with horns punctuating the groovy guitar riffage. RIYD Bloc Party

Team Me To The Treetops!-If Passion Pit bro started a good vibes scene band, this would be it. RIYD Tilly and the Wall

Fun. Some Nights-Sounds like it came from a musical. If you like musicals, then by all means

2 Bears Be Strong-Club version of TV on the Radio. Track 1 is sure to make everyone happy, though

Prinzhorn Dance School Clay Class- RIYD Gang of Four. Kevin liked them

Skipping Girl Vinegar One Chance E.P.-Mumford and Sons if they were marching down the street. Rec track 2 and 3

Bowerbirds The Clearing-RIYD Matt O’Connor Music

Super chill Jack Johnson-esque acoustic beach vibes. But stay far away if you don’t get down with JJ

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Awesome Addz for 2/10 

Robert Sarazin Blake Put it Down In a Letter - Jazzy-spoken word over folk blues.  So yeah, generally unclassifiable.  Literate lyrics but boring music.

Tennis Young & Old - Best Coast and Beach House and Camera Obscura stripped of just the tiniest bit of their melancholia.  Their surfish inspirations are more recognizably 50’s than these other bands which gives them some nice pep that isn’t a strange displaced nostalgia of sorts.  The tracks really alternate between lingering bass driven croons and drum and tambourine pop hits.  Probably one of the best things in awhile. It’s nice to have a band of this style that can really leave the 80’s out of it.  Do check it out. 

Yellow Ostrich Strange Land - Has a certain boyish charm / earnestly.  The vocals are sweet and yeah boyish (sorta sounds like a more on pitch hellogoodbye), but the songs have a nice structure.  They all build up to some excellent endings.  RIYD Selfish Whales, the Films, Cold War Kids (in some ways). Also worth a listen.

Dirty Ghosts Metal Moon -It’s clear that this girl likes punk and takes influence from Sleater-Kinney or the Runaways, but the album is mostly placid, accesible indie with a few moments of edge that might go somewhere but don’t.  The first song is rather good but all the additions of sound effects, shakers and sirens end up being diversions from something that isn’t really bad.  A deeper Morisette and lamer Be Your Own PET is what it comes out as.  Not toooo bad though.  

Jonquil Point of Go - It lists Beirut, Vampire Weekend and the Shins as RIYL’s and that’s a bit off.  It’s all of those things if they were covered by someone who is ashamed of wanting to be Ben Folds so they add some effervescent beats.  It sorta sounds like a ben folds cover of the smiths but every time morissey gets all depressing it goes wooh-ooo-ooo instead and makes a pop chorus out of it.  Sometimes the guitars get funky (in tiny loops) and thus the Vampire Weekend, but really its just “cluttered electro-pop”.  The cd says “wonderfully” before that cluttered part, but i think its safe to drop that.  

Evan Voytas Feel Me -High up, pitchy whisper voices things like passion pit.  The falsetto jam that is less passion pit then prince.  Too synth poppy to be as good as something like Passion pit, of montreal or toro y moi though.  It is groovy though in a less updated version than all these other bands.  I know that’s what you might like about toro y moi or daft punk, but this groove is just not ironic enough or something. 

The Small Cities The Small Cities - A fold Coldplay. Like exactly that.  Which is better than you’d think.  Give it a spin.  

Ariane Moffatt MA - Sultry ass vocals, on top of a silly name for a human being.  It has a electro-pop version of the Kills going on here and there on certain songs.  Czech it out.  She’s also canadian if that means anything…

Cursive I Am Gemini -People like cursive right?  It sounds like weird band you liked in high school that you listened to off the beaten path of Blink and Alkaline trio or something, amirite?

Kellen and Me -Peacebone type vocals over a “a whimsical and vintage vibe” of guitars and tapeloops.  Its good in that way that one-man acts often are, he varies it up with whimsy gimmicks that tend to work.  Go for it, you’ll probably like it.  RIYD Boat, Sleeping in the Aviary.  

And also plenty more!

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Noo Re-leashes (Feb. 2nd)
  • THE STAVES MEXICO EP - Slightly country-tinged lady vocals over downbeat acoustic guitars.  Chill stuffs.
  • THE LOVELY BAD THINGS NEW GHOST, OLD WAVES - Hipster 4-piece.  Group vocals, chants and simple punkish, lo-fi riffs.  RIYD Soophie Nun Squad, Slow animal (maybe). Fun times.
  • LLAMA EEL RAY BORN TO DIE - Veeeedeeeeeoooooooh guyaaaaaames.  Vapid  lyrics with an un-locatable accents and the cadence of over-branding (a la Lady Gaga). But if you didn’t know it was LDR you would like it so quit your panning.  Pann-or-ramic.
  • THE PHANTOM FAMILY HALO WHEN I FALL OUT - A slowed down Wolf Parade.  RIYD Portugal the Man recently.
  • DAMIEN JURADO MARAQOPA - Pretty sure a packaging error that mislabeled a new Fleet Foxes cd.  It’s like someone cut in a blues guitarist over some FF b-sides. If it’s Baroque don’t fix it. hurr hurrrrr
  • FRANCOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS E VOLO LOVE - Jonsi mixed with Jason Mraz. It’s like french lounge music over some Ten Thousand Villages musak.
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Zoom Colors got all wacky on tumblr but…
Friday, Feb. 10th @ Seeger’s Union - Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA)
FREE and open to everyone. Invite your pals!Doors at 9, music at 9:30A Valentine’s Weekend Concert with (in order):HOP ALONGDANGEROUS PONIESSLINGSHOT DAKOTANone of that bad stuff please.For questions / directions, email: wmuhfm@gmail.comSponsored by WMUH 91.7, SQuAd and Muhlenberg Student Activities

Colors got all wacky on tumblr but…

Friday, Feb. 10th @ Seeger’s Union - Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA)

FREE and open to everyone. Invite your pals!

Doors at 9, music at 9:30

A Valentine’s Weekend Concert with (in order):




None of that bad stuff please.

For questions / directions, email:

Sponsored by WMUH 91.7, SQuAd and Muhlenberg Student Activities

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Laura Stevenson & The Cans / Everyone Everywhere / Jet Set Sail / Ghost Ship THIS FRIDAY!
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awesome addz for 10/11!

Some stuff for your auditory pleasure! Get those eardrums bleeding!

  • CAVEMAN CoCo Beware - More stuff that Brad would like.  The Dodos without any interesting percussion and some reverb.
  • LULU (LOU REED AND METALLICA) - Perhaps the worst thing you could ever play ever.  
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Top Tree-Tea: 11/1 - 11/8

1 BEACH BOYS The Smile Sessions Capitol
2 ICARUS HIMSELF Career Culture Science Of Sound
3 DAVID LYNCH  Crazy Clown Time Sunday Best-Pias
4 ATLAS SOUND Parallax 4AD
5 ALAMO RACE TRACK Unicorn Loves Deer Excelsior
6 GOSPEL MUSIC How To Get To Heaven From Jacksonville, FL Kill Rock Stars
7 JUSTICE Audio, Video, Disco Ed Banger Records
8 M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming Mute
9 DEER TICK Divine Providence Partisan
10 BUZZCOCKS A Different Compilation Cooking Vinyl

Read More

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Awh-some Addz: 11/4

Some decent stuff for y’all today!

  • ATLAS SOUND Parallax - 3rd LP from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter.  A quiter, more desparate version of those guys, “full of sci-fi fever dreams” and “avant-garde songwriting”. Spaced-out folk is also another apt description.
  • FEIST Metals - Toned-down florence and the machine. Angst with a qualified backing band.  Liz Phair all up in that shit. (via sara schenkel)
  • DAVID LYNCH Crazy Clown Time - Sounds like an album fucking David Lynch would make. Written/Produced and Performed by him but also ft. Karen O.
  • ZUN ZUN EGUI Katang - What is this I don’t even.  Wacky-ass mathy/angular guitars with ~maybe~ “japanese” lyrics?  Sounds more like drunk kareokee versions of unknown metal songs.  yeah.
  • WISE BLOOD These Wings - The shrillness of person-pitch Panda Bear applied to the strange soul of Portugal. the Man.  It sorta alternates between those two in an interesting way.
  • SKI LODGE S/t - Sounds like all those bourgeois two-word bands, Beach Fossils, Vampire Weekend and Real Estate.  Music made by people who go to ski lodges. Focus on rhythm, reverb and mellow vocals.
  • Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 4 - A pretty sweet comp for some triumphant indie music.  Lots of wonderful Northwest folk on here.  Give it a look see!
  • ALAMO RACETRACK Unicorn Loves Deer - This is kinda great.  An updated Neil Young. Dreamy, harmonic, sing-alongable, and with a great folk cadence. Listen to it.


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